Vulkanland Winner 2022

Active Paws Happily Ever After “Adele” made us so proud during her first long trip to abroad for a show weekend,we entered her to the Vulkanland Winner 2022- Nordic breeds clubshow and specialty- 3 shows-2 days organized by Franz Krenn and his team.
Adele is almost 6 months old and is a daughter of HJCH MKJCH GRJCH Inner Vision Yeltsin (CH Topaz Titanium Inner Vision x ICH Snowmist Ultimate Inner Vision) and BISS JBISS JBIS ICH Snoebear’s Keep On MO-oving at Active Paws (BISS BIS AmGCH CanCH Highlander’s Take It To The Limit x CH Snoebear’s Into The Blue).
Generally I do not show puppies a lot but yes, prefer them to have the experience to travell with us and with their mom or other adult dog to a show, and just learn how to behave. Adele was completly naked so we decided she comes just for fun and to practice. Also our handler was on another big show so was not able to show her, and I am really thankful to Ildikó Nóra Lestár for offering her help and all the work with Adele and my other 2 siberian females on the show. Despite of having almost no time for practicing together before the show, they really did great and Adele enjoyed being in the ring. Actually I don’t know if she realised she was in the ring or only was able to see the sausage in Ildi’s hand.

On the first show, on Saturday morning under Maria Grazia Miglietta (IT) Adele won baby best in show
On the second show,on Saturday afternoon under Henrik Soeborg (DK) she won again baby best in show.
On Sunday she got very promising in the morning show under Shilon Bedford (US)
In the afternoon under Erwin Deutscher (A) Adele won Baby Supreme Best In Show!
We loved this show, organization was great, showground excelent, and also nowadays getting detailed judgement reports written by specialist judges is something we appreciate a lot.

Active Paws Follow Me “Poppy” 16 months old completly naked – Junior Clubwinner at the Vulkanland Winner 2022- Nordic breeds clubshow and specialty- 3 shows-2 days under breeder judge Henrik Soeborg (DK)
Handled by Ildikó Nóra Lestár

Thank you Franz Krenn and team for everything,congratulations and we hope to be back next year.
Thank you to the judges for appreciate my little girl and big congratulations to all the winners! Thanks Viktória Gaitan-Holló and Petra Karácsony and Ildi for having again a nice but long weekend together.