Club Star 2022

The Cynological Club For Sleddog breeds and akitas in Hungary published the results of the point competition of 2022 based on show results. Active Paws doggies despite of not being shown a lot, did great, we have several clubstars:

Active Paws Happily Ever After “ADELE” – Baby/Puppy Hope of the Year

Active Paws Freedom Fighter “BRIAN” – Junior Club Star 2022, Club Star 2022, Best Male of the Breed and Best Male of the Club

Active Paws Follow Me “POPPY” – Junior Club Star 2022

Active Paws Get The Party Started “HOPE” – Junior Club Star 2022
Hope is co-owned with Forgóné Bihari Tímea

Active Paws Got To Be Free “RAGNAR” – Junior Club Star 2022
Ragnar is owned by Korsós-Schlesser Ferenc & Bori Bujukliev

Active Paws Big Brother “JACK” – Club Star 2022
Jack is co-owned with Forgóné Bihari Tímea

And with all the point of these above mentioned dogs plus points achieved by:

Active Paws Express Yourself “AUDREY” owned by Roxana Sandu & Gusti Ionescu

Active Paws Fire In My Heart “FREEZE” owned by Szabolcs Varga

Active Paws Free Spirit “SAWYER” owned by Prue Isl

Active Paws Heal The World “HAILEY” owned by Vivien Pusenyák

Active Paws Hakuna Matata “ZOE” owned by Mariusz Bejger

ACTIVE PAWS kennel managed to be the best kennel of the club with 7980 points.

Many many thanks goes to all the wonderful owners who showed succesfully their Active Paws dogs last year, and made the effort to send me all documents needed for the competition, and for all the love and great care they all give to their dogs, it really means a lot.

I am also grateful to all the handlers and friends, Attila Schlosser, Lotti Kobzos Ildikó Nóra Lestár for handling my dogs and to all friends for all the help they were giving to us last year.

And also would like to mention all those wonderful people who trusted me with my foundation dogs, without them it would not have been posible to start breeding. Anne Palmer, Brian Palmer, Sheila Jean Morgan, Tim Terella, Megan Terella